On Monday Night, One Dead, Three Injured In Beavercreek Shooting At Ohio Walmart

On Monday night, the Beavercreek Police Department confirmed that they responded to a report of an active shooter at 3360 Pentagon Blvd around 8:30 p.m.According to reporters, there were at least three people injured in the Beavercreek shooting. A Careflight medical helicopter departed at approximately 9:50 p.m. bound for Miami Valley Hospital. The Greene Country Corner’s office promptly responded to a report just before 10:30 p.m. An employee at the office heard the sound of at least two gunshots but did not witness anyone being struck. In the Beavercreek shooting, the worker said I thought it was glass at first but I heard a couple of people running and screaming so I darted out and we got to the Burger King parking lot.

Walmart Monday Night Statement

Beavercreek shooting, One witness said the shooter had a backpack and was holding a rifle, and that he walked by her before he opened fire. The company has referred all inquiries to the local law enforcement. The Beavercreek Police Department has confirmed that they are currently investigating the matter and will disclose any information as soon as it becomes available.

Law enforcement agencies from Greene, Montgomery, and Clark counties swiftly responded to the incident at the store. Police officers could be seen inside the grocery section. In the Beavercreek shooting, the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation also responded late Monday night to assist Beavercreek police. Kailie Conley and Anna Cowley, students from Wright State University, observed and tallied the arrival of approximately 30 to 40 police vehicles equipped with lights and sirens at Walmart.

Walmart is where Wright State students, including the two young women, shop frequently Cowley had been at Walmart earlier in the day. On Monday night, a campuswide alert was issued for students and staff to avoid the Beavercreek Walmart due to an ongoing “active incident”.


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