In the $1.9B Deal, Alaska Airlines Planned To Buy Hawaiian Airlines

On Sunday, Alaska Airlines said that planned to buy Hawaiian Airlines for $1.9 billion, a deal that would further consolidate the airline industry and probably attract the scrutiny of federal regulators. By making the purchase, Alaska will be able to enhance its already robust West Coast network and strengthen its presence in a popular tourist destination. It gained access to Asia and acquired more pilots, planes, and employees to fuel growth.

As a result of the deal, Alaska and Hawaiian Airlines will be able to offer flights to 138 destinations, including direct flights from the United States to airports in Central America, Mexico, Asia, Australia, and the South Pacific. The acquisition will also provide more opportunities for travel to and from Hawaii by combining the two airlines’ complementary networks. Hawaiian primarily connects Hawaii to major airports within the continental US, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand, while Alaska Airlines operates flights throughout the United States as well as to Mexico and Central America.

In the previous year, the department took legal action to block a partnership between American Airlines and JetBlue in New York and Boston. Additionally, they are currently pursuing legal action to prevent JetBlue from acquiring Spirit Airlines. The purchase of Hawaiian Airlines by Alaska Airlines would not only benefit consumers but also enhance its competitive position against the dominant players in the industry.

According to Mr. Minicucci, the decision to acquire Hawaiian Airlines was not influenced by JetBlue’s acquisition of Spirit Airlines, which is considered Alaska’s closest competitor. During the early stages of the pandemic recovery, Alaska Airlines focused on restoring profitability to its business. As travel demand started to rebound, they began exploring expansion opportunities, ultimately leading them to identify the Hawaiian Airlines deal.


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