Armed Forces Veterans Day 2023 National Ceremony Origin & Celebration

Veterans Day is on 11th Nov, Saturday this year. This day is a holiday for all members. World War 1 is officially ended when the Treaty of Versailles was signed on 28 June 1919. But the fighting ended seven months before then, According to the U.S. Department of Defense When the Allies and Germany put into effect an armistice on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. It was largely considered the end of “the war to end all wars” and called Armistice Day. Veterans Day 2023, Congress officially recognized 11 Nov as the end of an official holiday to honor veterans of World War 1 in 1938.

Veterans Day 2023, When World War II and the Korean War occurred various veterans organizations this means that the holiday is to be Broader and celebrate all veterans. On 1st June 1954, Congress amended the holiday by changing it from Armistice Day to Veterans Day. By honoring American veterans of all wars. When the holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday businesses and government officials holiday may recognize it on both the official day and the following Monday. Schools are having the day off.

Veterans Day 2023 is celebrated in communities with Veterans Day parades or other celebrations honoring service members. The Veterans Day 2023 National Ceremony is held on 11th Nov at Arlington, Virginia. World War 1 was a multinational effort. The U.S. is not the only country that celebrates the day. Canada and Australia also celebrate this day. In Canada, celebrations are similar to those in the U.S., and Many citizens wear red poppy flowers to honor fallen soldiers. In Australia, Remembrance Day celebrations are similar to Memorial Day activities in the U.S.


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