At Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting Event, The Multiple Arrests And Incidents Of Violence

During the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting event on Wednesday, there were multiple arrests and incidents of violence at a nearby pro-Palestinian demonstration. The NYPD had anticipated the demonstration and increased security measures due to the potential for chaos with the rally taking place in close proximity to the tree lighting ceremony. But the provisions and demonstrations were able to break through their barricades, and at some points even surround and physically fight with police.

NYPD officers sprinted through Sixth Avenue, where police clashed with demonstrators off 47th Street, and the blocks are away from the Rockefeller Center tree lighting. Over 1,000 individuals assembled for the pro-Palestinian demonstration, expecting a peaceful evening according to the organizers. However, the situation took a turn when a fight erupted over the display of a swastika sign in Rockefeller Center. Throughout the night, the NYPD attempted to control the crowd by forming lines and setting up barricades. Nevertheless, tensions escalated and eventually reached a critical point as both demonstrators and officers engaged in physical altercations, exchanging blows and falling to the ground.

In Rockefeller Center, the crowd came and attacked is going on. After breaking through the barriers, individuals started marching through the streets, leading to a series of arrests by the officers. Despite the ongoing arrests, it was reported that the nearby tree-lighting celebration remained unaffected. As of now, the police do not have an official count of the number of individuals who were apprehended.


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