Practice Session At The F1 Las Vegas Big ‘Track Defect’ After Ten Minutes

Formula One’s Historic 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix Begins On Friday with Drivers and teams to get the Temporary street circuit over two practice sessions. F1 Las Vegas, On Thursday making it clear that it’s already been a dramatic build-up with world champion Max Verstappen. He has expressed a lack of enthusiasm for the spectacle surrounding the sport’s comeback to Las Vegas after 40 years. However, the attention will now be directed towards the race track, which features a 6.2km course with 17 turns. It is anticipated that this layout will facilitate high speeds and numerous overtaking opportunities.

Strip Traffic Cops Early Blame

The initial practice session at the F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix was abruptly halted within 10 minutes due to an incident involving Carlos Sainz. The loose drain covering was struck by Sainz’s Ferrari, causing the vehicle to unexpectedly become airborne.

It was a devastating blow for the big-money event as questions over safety quickly saw racing canceled on Thursday night local time. The Commentator Karun Chandhok said while the loose drain fighting was not a new issue, it was a serious one for F1 Las Vegas. The original plan was to reopen the strip between the two practice sessions on Thursday night as well. Pit lane commentator Ted Kravitz said he believed the drain issue could have still passed full inspection but later it was broken up.

First Practice Abandoned After Star’s Shock Blow

Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz encountered a problem and had to stop on the Strip after just nine minutes. However, upon reviewing the replays, it became evident that a more significant issue was affecting the situation, leading to the cancellation of the first practice session.


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