Chelsea from Love Is Blind shared what she said to Megan Fox after controversial comparison.

Chelsea, one of the contestants from the popular reality show “Love Is Blind,” recently shared her experience of meeting the Hollywood actress Megan Fox and how she addressed the controversial comparison between the two.

According to Chelsea, many people have commented on her resemblance to Megan Fox, which she finds flattering but also overwhelming at times. During an encounter with Megan Fox, Chelsea reportedly told her that she often gets compared to her, to which Megan responded with kindness and humor, saying that she could see the resemblance but also that Chelsea was beautiful in her unique way. The interaction between the two has garnered attention from fans of the show and Megan Fox’s fans alike.

She also said “It was such a silly comment that was made,” she explained all these things. “This was a five-hour date and it just kind of came out. And just before that, (Jimmy) was telling me he looked like Christian McCaffrey.”

Chelsa also talked about in response to his off-camera claim, she told him at that time, “I get one person, and it’s just because I have dark hair and blue eyes.” She added also that she doesn’t agree with the comparison so he shouldn’t “get excited.”


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