Dell XPS 13 Plus Laptop With New Features, Processes, And Morden Design

Last Year Dell Made a Big Change, it introduced the radically designed XPS 13 Plus with its curious touchpad, Keyboard, and Function Row. Dell is now out with the second version. The second version keeps the unusual chassis unchanged, adding only an updated CPU and Faster RAM inside. This year’s model does offer an improvement in one key area Battery life. Dell XPS 13 Plus is a least approaching average in the runtime department. Battery life is a Key consideration for any laptop. But Doubbly so on an ultraportable that likely spends much of its time on the move.

The Dell XPS 13 Plus 9320 starts at 1,499 dollars in the US and features an Intel Core i7-1360P processor, and 16GB of RAM. LCD with a 1920*1200 resolution. There are two display upgrades offered in the US that each add 200 dollars to the cost. Both bump you to an OLED panel. One features a 3.5k resolution and rated for 400 nits and the other features a 4k resolution and a 500-nit rating. The Dell XPS 13 Plus starts at 1,099 pounds in the UK and 2,197 dollars in Australia. The changes to the component lineup from last year’s model are a move from a Core i7-1280P CPU to the Core i7-1360P and swapping out the DDR5-5200 RAM for slightly speedier DDR5-6000 RAM this year.


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