How To Download YouTube Videos On iPhone

The iPhone is the best smartphone and Apple makes it. There are many types of iPhones such as main models and others. But the YouTube app is all mobile phones. Most people use iPhones and they watch videos on the YouTube app. Some people know how to download YouTube videos on iPhone. But some they do not know. There are different ways to Download videos on iPhone and Android. We are not connected to an internet connection and you want to watch YouTube videos on your iPhone. If you’re looking for a chance to enjoy your favorite YouTube videos without the need to be concerned about your internet connection or mobile signal.

Download YouTube Videos On iPhone or iPads

To download YouTube videos on iPhones or iPads, you have to follow some steps if you want to watch videos without an internet connection.

Step -1: First you have to Sign up for YouTube Premium.

Step -2: Then you have to Download the latest version of the official YouTube app from the App Store.

Step -3: After, launching the YouTube app on your iPhone or iPad, you have to sign into your account.

Step -4: You can Navigate to the video you want to download.

Step -5: Now Hit the Download button.

Step -6: Then you have to choose the desired quality. Then click on Download again.

Step -7: Exit the video and go to the You tab in the bottom right corner.

Step -8: Go to the Downloads section to view the download progress.

Step -9: Once the download concludes, you can watch the downloaded video without an internet connection.

Step -10: All you have to do is go to the You tab then enter the Downloads section to check the videos you have saved for offline viewing.

To ensure that your downloaded video list remains accessible, your iDevice must connect to the internet at least once every 30 days. Failure to do so will result in the expiration of downloaded videos, rendering them unwatchable without an internet connection. Additionally, please note that certain videos may not be available for offline viewing. In such cases, you will be notified by a banner when attempting to download them.

Is Downloading YouTube Videos Legal?

If you download videos to your iPhone using YouTube’s service, it is 100% OK. However, the platform does not approve of download YouTube videos from its servers outside of that capacity. Creating YouTube downloaders and distributing them on app stores is a violation of YouTube’s terms of service for app developers. While downloading videos from third-party solutions may go unnoticed by the company, uploading those videos, particularly copyrighted ones, can lead to consequences. To ensure safety, it is advised to download YouTube videos solely for personal use. Alternatively, you can use YouTube Premium to legally download videos.

Download Videos Using YouTube Premium

YouTube recommends paying for their service as the most suitable way to download videos on your iPhone. With YouTube Premium, you can easily download most videos on the platform by clicking the “Download” button located beside them. This allows for quick and easy access to your favorite videos for offline viewing whenever you want.

YouTube Premium offers additional benefits such as ad-free viewing and access to high-quality “1080p Premium” bitrate videos for a monthly fee of $13.99. While it may be a more costly option, it is the officially approved method by YouTube for downloading videos.

Download Videos Using JAYD (Just Another YouTube Downloader)

JAYD is an excellent iOS shortcut that simplifies the process of downloading YouTube videos to your camera roll or files app. However, simply installing the shortcut is not enough to begin. You will also need to download a free app called Scriptable.

Install JAYD shortcut

Install Scriptable for iPhone

After installing both JAYD and Scriptable, you can proceed to YouTube. Find the video you wish to download and tap on the Share button. Since YouTube hides the iPhone’s built-in share sheet, you will need to scroll through the available app options and select “More”. In the list that appears, scroll down and choose “JAYD” to initiate the download process.

If this is the first time you are using the shortcut, you will need to permit JAYD to contact its site as well as YouTube on your behalf. Once you do, choose whether to download YouTube videos or just the audio, then choose where you did like JAYD to save the video. Upon downloading a video using JAYD, you have the option to save it either to your camera roll or to a new folder created by JAYD within the files app. You will then need to permit JAYD to share the video with Scriptable, and then once more to Google’s servers to make the connection. Lastly, grant JAYD the necessary permissions to save the file successfully.


In this, you learn about how to download YouTube videos on iPhone, Most people are using the iPhone. If you want to watch YouTube videos on your iPhone you get the opportunity to watch your favorite YouTube clips. You have just followed the simple steps. And you also know whether Download YouTube videos are Legal or not, but it is 100% OK. You can also Download the Videos by using JAYD. It is a fantastic shortcut on iOS that makes it easy to download any YouTube video. Most of the things you learn in this.


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