Eight Sleep Pod 3 Review: The High Price Of Great Sleep

The New Pod 3 is the best sleep technology. It helps to cool and heat each side of the bed. It helps people to sleep comfortably. The Eight Sleep Pod 3 maintains the optical sleeping temperature for your Body’s needs. The Pod 3 Gives You the Perfect temperature every night. It can cool or warm each side of the bed as low as 12 degrees Celsius and as high as 43 degrees Celsius. So, if you want to sleep with your partner, you both can sleep perfectly. There is an app called Eight Sleep, you can change the temperature from the app and the Vibration and Thermal alarm help wake you up gently.

The Eight Sleep System

The Eight Sleep was coming out with a new version. It offers better sleep tracking and temperature controls. The company’s core offerings consist of two main components: The Pod 3 Matters and the Pod 3 Cover. These two components help you sleep comfortably and the mattress is relatively straightforward. It features a medium firmness that’s a bit stiffer than something like the original Leesa mattress. It includes various additional layers for better heat distribution for the people. To deliver your perfect sleep temperature the Eight Sleep calls an Active Grid which is essentially a fixed tubing that carries cool and warm water to your side of the bed. In an Active grid, there are also sensors built and it can monitor things like your heart rate, and sleeping respiratory rate. The Pod 3 offers better tracking than its previous offerings. Now it supports 5GHz networks but previously it supported wifi.

To Set The Eight Sleep System

For the Setup of the Eight Sleep System, you have to plug wires and hoses into your bed, which seems like a bit much after getting everything working is pretty simple. The Eight Sleep option is compressed in a box, you have to remove the plastic wrapper and give it a few minutes while it expands. There is a nice thing for you, you don’t need to buy one Eight Sleep at all. The Matters is 16 inches thick and the Pad Cover is designed to work pretty.

You can also order the Pod Cover with Perfectfit. If you are like the Eight Sleep Mattress you don’t need to toss it to install the Pod Cover. Once the Pod cover is attached to your mattress. The Eight Sleep’s App provides simple steps. You have to set up or sign in to your account and then enter your Wifi info and it just took 20 minutes to put everything together after unboxing it.

The Eight Sleep App

The Pod 3 cover is not a huge departure from the previous models. It is pretty and really well. The sensors are made to work easily to track the sleeping heart and respiratory rates. In the app, the charts and graphs are available to easy to see how the various factors impact your sleep. In the app, you have the ability to add tags for things like stretching, caffeine intake, and others to better correlate your daytime activities with the amount of rest you get. There is another big part of the Pod Cover’s kit is the heating and cooling tech. The Pod 3 cover supports dual-zone controls. So, you can set the temp for each half of the bed easily. If you and your partner feel chilly at night and your side, you can set the warm. From the Pod Cover, you can select your perfect temperature and set a schedule for controlling heating and cooling levels throughout the night.

The Autopilot and Sleep Insight features, the Autopilot uses the data gathered by its sensors and it automatically makes your bed hotter or colder as needed. Sleep Insights is based on the metrics that tell you how well you slept. It is like a robot coach that sorts through your data to provide tips.

To Feel Comfort From Pod 3 Cover

The Original Pod Cover is that you could feel the tubing inside. But On the Pod 3 Cover, you can only tell that it’s more than a dumb mattress topper, when you touch it with your hands, laying on it. The mattress feels a touch firmer but aside from that, it feels a lot like a bed with a thin foam egg crate pad. It’s just slightly pillowy.


Something that made us realize for the people. People make a habit but it makes a huge impact for them. So, the huge impact of the Pod 3 covers sleeping. If you are traveling at that time you missed your Pod 3 Cover. Even the softest, coziest hotel bed, but it couldn’t make up for the lack of temperature controls. While the Pod Cover’s upgraded Wifi makes the smart topper even easier to set up. While more Precise sleep tracking helps you figure better. The only real downside is that a starting price of over 2,100 dollars. But for Most of the people, it is out of reach. And it doesn’t even include the optional 8+ Pro subscription. The Pod 3 Cover has delivered some of the best sleep.


In this you have learned about the Eight Sleep Pod 3 cover, It helps you sleep comfortably with heat and cool temperature. It is the best technology for sleep. It helps you change the temperature of your Pod 3 Cover. In Winter and Summer, if you feel hot and cold at night, at the side of your pillow, you can change the temperature of the Pod 3 cover. There is an app called Eight Sleep. In the app, the sensor is made to work easily to track the sleeping heart and respiratory rates. And it controls heating and cooling levels throughout the night.


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