Elon Musk Expressed His Anger Towards The Disney CEO

On Thursday, the owner and controversial billionaire conspiracy theorist expressed his anger towards the Disney CEO, criticizing Iger for the Magic Kingdom’s choice to withdraw advertisements from his struggling social media platform. He even suggested that Iger should be forcibly ousted from his position. Disney representatives have not yet responded to this matter. However, Iger is widely acknowledged for his successful acquisitions, including Star Wars, Marvel Studios, and Pixar, which have propelled Disney to become a dominant force in the entertainment industry.

Last month, Disney, along with several other prominent companies, halted their advertising on X. This decision came after Musk publicly supported an antisemitic conspiracy theory that gained traction among White supremacists. Musk offered a somewhat implicit apology for his post last week, following the backlash from these companies severing ties with X. However, he also delivered a strongly worded message, filled with profanity, to the companies that chose not to advertise on his social media platform.

During the summit, Musk specifically targeted Iger, launching a tirade against the Disney CEO. Earlier in the day, Iger had clarified that Disney had decided to cease advertising on X due to Musk’s involvement. This move was made in response to a larger pattern on the social media platform. Since Musk assumed control in late 2022, his decisions have played a role in the increase of hate speech, misinformation, and conspiracy theories on the platform.


How old is Bob Iger?

Bob Iger is 72 years old.

Who is the current wife of Bob Iger?

The current wife of Bob Iger is Willow Bay.


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