Update For Windows 11, Microsoft Announced The Upcoming Feature Of Its March 2024

Microsoft is developing a feature that will enable users to utilize their Android smartphones as a substitute for a webcam, potentially providing access to high-quality webcams at no cost. Although this capability is not yet available, Microsoft announced the upcoming feature as part of its March 2024 “moment” update for Windows 11. The company also mentioned in a blog post that the feature is currently being tested in all Windows Insider channels.

The significance of Windows 11 lies in its recognition of the importance of webcams. Before 2020, webcams were not given much attention, but the shift to remote work during the pandemic elevated the priority of video chats on platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. As a result, laptop manufacturers started enhancing the quality of their webcams, leading to the availability of high-quality 1080p and 4k webcams in the market.

We are slowly introducing the capability to utilize the camera on your Android phone or tablet in any video app on your Windows 11 PC to Windows Insiders in all Insider Channels. This feature allows you to wirelessly utilize the high-quality camera of your mobile device on your PC with convenience and flexibility. You can switch between front and back cameras, pause the stream when needed, and utilize effects specific to your mobile device model.

This implies that you will have the capability to utilize your phone’s camera on Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, and essentially any other platform, with all the filters and other features that are accessible on your phone’s camera likely to be available on Windows 11 as well.


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