Ancient Georgia Wine, A Few Qveri Craftsmen Continue The Tradition Of Handcrafting

Winemaking is such a crucial part of the country’s identity, that Georgia Wine, The Georgian government plans to open research centers and vineyards to recultivate over 1,400 indigenous grape varieties. Most were wiped out during the Soviet era when quantity replaced diversity around 525 varieties of grapes, and only four or five were commercially available.

Georgia invests in its wine revival

For Georgia Wine, In research centers, the DNA of grape leaves is analyzed by juice extracted in the field and then tested in labs for disease. Healthy vines are replanted and the Georgia Wine is healthy. There are over 500 types of grapes that are originally from Georgia. John Wurdeman, an American, moved to Georgia as a student 25 years ago and developed a passion for the country’s culture and wine. In 2006, he founded Pheasant’s Tears Winery, where he is dedicated to preserving rare grape varieties and producing high-quality wine.

The Godly Pursuit Of Wine

At Pheasant’s Tears Winery, Wurdeman uses traditional Georgian methods to produce their wine. Stems, Skins, and Juice are also mixed together, then poured into giant qveris clay pots buried underground used to ferment, store, and age the wine. The Qveries are sealed with clay.

Many households in Georgia store Qveri in their basements, but today only a few Qveri craftsmen continue the tradition of handcrafting these massive clay vessels.

Increasing Popularity of Georgia Wine

According to the National Wine Agency of Georgia, Georgia wine is gaining popularity beyond its borders. Georgia had a successful year of wine exports in 2020, selling more than 140 million bottles to over 65 countries. The United States alone purchased almost 1.5 million bottles, which is a 30% increase from the previous year.


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