Meta Lawsuit Mental Health Claiming Instagram and Facebook

California, New York, and Dozens of US states are suing the meta platforms because they harm people and contribute to the youth mental health problem crisis. By knowingly designing features on Instagram and on Facebook. These two platforms addict the children. The Meta lawsuit Mental Health was filed by 33 states in federal court in California. It claims that the meta collects data on children routinely who are under 13 without their Parent’s consent in violation of federal law. From Meta lawsuit Mental Health, The nine attorneys general are filing lawsuits in their respective states. The 41 states are taking action and Washington, D.C.

The two Platforms engage and ultimately ensnare youth and teens. Its motive is profit and seeking to maximize its financial gains. The opinion of the public about the substantial dangers of its social media platforms. These two platforms exploit and manipulate their most vulnerable consumers teenagers and children. It seeks financial damages and restitution and Meta lawsuit against Mental Health Practices that are in violation of the law.

The New York Attorney General Letitia James said that Meta lawsuit Mental Health Most kids and teenagers are suffering from poor mental health, and social media companies like Meta are to blame because Meta has profited from children’s pain by designing platforms with manipulating features that children addicted to their platforms which are harmful to them.

The companies are very disappointed that instead of working productively with companies, So to create clear, age-appropriate standards for the many apps that teenagers can use. One of the internal studies cited 13.5% of teenage girls saying Instagram makes thoughts of suicide and 17% are saying it makes eating disorders worse. The use of Social Media mainly among teens is nearly universal in the US report using a social media platform. In the UK, by Meta lawsuit Mental Health, the death of Molly Russell concluded that schoolgirls are suffering from the negative effects of online.


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