How to take Screenshots on Laptop

Most people are using the Laptop for their work and the laptop is good for online work. People use using for their business work, for studying and watching movies, and listening to songs. Most people are using it, but they don’t know how to take screenshots on laptop they using a mobile, sending links to the website. You know that everything is done online and you are required to take screenshots on your laptop to capture your work. The Screenshot helps you take an image of whatever’s there on your screen. Whatever your office work or study work it also saves as JPG or PNG Files for your later use. In laptops, Windows and MacOS have come with their own set of ways or commands to capture a screenshot.

Here’s how to take Screenshots on a Laptop a Windows 7/10

Windows 7 and 10 are good for the Laptop, Both windows come with a dedicated application which is called Snipping Tool. The Snipping tool helps you to capture any screenshot. This app helps you take a screenshot and save it as an image file on your device. So there are the Steps given below for How to take Screenshots on Laptop from the Snipping Tool.

Take a Screenshot Using a Snipping Tool

Step 1: You have first open the Window, then Search for the Snipping Tool in the Windows search box and then open it.

Step 2: After the opening you have to click on the Tap ‘ New’ to capture a screenshot.

Step 3: Now On the Screen move the cross air from where you want to select an area.

Step 4: After selecting the area, you have to click on the ‘Save Snip’ icon to save the screenshot.

Take a Screenshot Using Shortcut Keys

For taking the Screenshot there are Shortcut Keys are also used. It is very simple steps and you can easily learn the Shortcut Keys. How to take Screenshots on Laptop By using Shortcut Keys the steps are given below.

Step 1: The Simplest way to capture a screenshot, first you have to first press the Windows Key and the PrintScreen ( PrtScn) Button Together. It is usually located in the top row near the Function Keys.

Step 2: Then on your screen, a save box will appear. Click on the save box, then save the image wherever you want to, and give a file name to the image. After clicking on the press tab to save.

Capture Screenshots Using Alt+PrtScn

The use of Alt+Scn for capturing Screenshots, but some people don’t know why and How to take Screenshots on Laptop by Using Alt+Scn. So, it is similar to the above method. This option helps you to copy the active window, the screen on which you are working. You have just Press the ‘PrtScn’ button with the ‘Alt’ Key to take a screenshot.

Take a Screenshot of a specific portion using Windows Key+Shift+S

If you want to Take a Screenshot of a Specific portion by using Windows Key+Shift+S, you need to press these three Keys together, Shift+S. It helps to dim the screen and also change the mouse pointer to drag. And it allows you to select the portion have to capture. Once you take a screenshot, it will automatically be saved to your clipboard. The Key+Shift+S helps you to take Screenshots on a Laptop.

Save the Screenshot Directly using Windows Key+PrtScn

If you have used Key+Shift+S, After that If you want to save the Screenshot Directly by using Windows Key+PrtScn. In case you don’t want to copy the screenshot to the clipboard, you can use a shortcut command by using Windows Key+PrtScn on your Windows laptop. To save it, you need to convert it into an image file format. After pressing the Keys it will take a Screenshot and save it in the Pictures Folder.

Window Key+G

The Window Key+G, this option is the most popular among gamers. For the gamers people, they use the Window Key+G. But some people don’t Know How to take Screenshots on Laptop by Window Key+G. For this Players can press the two Keys: Windows and G together for a game overlay. Then, Click on the camera icon or press Windows Key+Alt=PrtScn to take a screenshot.

Here’s How to take Screenshots on Laptop MacOS

MacO’s Laptop is the best laptop. Most people are using the macOS Laptop. It also has a variety of options to take a screenshot. In macOS laptops, the easiest way to take a screenshot is on a macOS laptop. It is simply press Command+Shift+3. If you press the three keys ‘Ctrl + Shift + S’ simultaneously, it will capture a screenshot of the entire screen.

The Command+Shift+4 is an advanced command that helps you capture a specific portion of the screen.

The Command+Shift+5 easily captures a screenshot on macOS Laptops. With this option, you have complete control over the screenshot without any restrictions. You can simply press the enter Key or select the option. The ‘Capture selected portion’ from the small panel below.

The Command+Shift+6, this option is only available for the MacBook version with a touch bar. And all the screenshots taken on macOS Laptops will be stored on your desktop by default.


In this, you have learned about How to take Screenshots on Laptop. Most of the people don’t know about it. In this, I have told you all about it. From the Windows 7/10 laptop, the Snipping tool helps you to capture any screenshot. For the Screenshot, the shortcut Keys are also used. It is the best option for the screenshots. It can easily work and people can also easily learn the Shortcut Keys. The Shortcut Keys are Key+Shift+S, Key+PrtScn, and Key+G. The MacOS is the best laptop. You can also take the Screenshot with a Laptop. You have to simply press Command+Shift+3, Command+Shift+4, Command+Shift+5, and Command+Shift+6 these commands help you to take Screenshots.


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