In 2024, Instagram Has Last Introduced Highly Anticipated Feature

Instagram has at last introduced its highly anticipated feature: the capability to edit messages. Although Meta already offers its WhatsApp users the ability to edit sent messages, Instagram users have eagerly awaited this useful function for quite some time. Fortunately, Mark Zuckerberg revealed the availability of this feature on Monday, along with another upcoming pin chat feature similar to WhatsApp.

In a recent update on the Meta Channel on Instagram, Zuckerberg announced the long-awaited availability of the new edit feature, referring to it as a ‘game changer.’ This feature enables Instagram users to edit their sent messages within a 15-minute window.

To modify a sent direct message on Instagram, simply press and hold the message you wish to edit, then select “edit” from the drop-down menu. Similar to WhatsApp, the edited message will show a small “Edited” label beneath it, notifying both the sender and recipient of the change. However, recipients will not have access to the edit history.

Just like WhatsApp, Instagram is introducing the ability for users to pin chats to the top of their inbox. However, users will only be able to pin a maximum of three chats. Whether it’s chats with your closest friends or family, or conversations you want quick access to, soon you will have the option to pin up to three group chats or one-on-one chats for convenient access.

Although the feature will be gradually rolled out to all users, once it becomes accessible, users can prioritize a chat by swiping left or by tapping and holding the chat, then selecting “pin”. Additionally, users will have the option to unpin a conversation whenever they choose.


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