Mass Shooting In Florida On Tempa Street 2 Kills, 18 Injured

The Tampa City Florida, there was a fight between the two groups and they turned deadly in Florida. There was a shooting in Tempa Street and there was a Halloween Festival, in that festival two people died and 18 people were injured. In the early morning, they are hospitalized. Mass Shooting in Florida In the Ybor City area, there are at least two shooters who opened fire just before 3 a.m. on the 1600 block of East 7th Avenue. During the press conference, Police Chief Lee Bercaw said about the scene. There were several Bars and Clubs at that place the fight occurred in an area. At late-night there were large numbers of people involved. Police don’t know and they are not sure about the people involved in the fight who were inside the bars before the Mass Shooting in Florida.

Gunfire Erupts At Halloween Celebration

The people in Halloween Costumes are drinking and talking on the street the Video is posted online. The People fell over metal tables to take cover behind them for safety. In the Video the police officers are treating several people which lying wounded on the ground. Mass Shooting in Florida At the same time, a dozen bullets are thrown and after a few seconds, eight bullets are thrown. The Bercaw said that there are fights between the two groups and in this fight between the hundreds of innocent people involved.

Motive For Tampa Shooting Unknown, Police Say

After the investigation, Bercaw said that at least two shooters were involved. Still, the Police are investigating for the reasons the fight between the two groups. At the shooting time the officers were at the scene they were not injured. Mass Shooting in Florida, This is the Second Mass Shooting in the US in which 18 people were killed and dozens of people were hurt.


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