MacBook Air: Apple Introduces Two New Models With Its M3 Chip

Apple has introduced two new models of MacBook Air with its latest M3 chip, boasting enhanced performance. These models are available in 13-inch and 15-inch screen sizes, starting at 114,900 rupees. Additionally, Apple is providing special discounts for teachers and students, offering the 13-inch model for education at a discounted rate of 104,900 rupees and the 15-inch version at 124,900 rupees.

The latest MacBook Air stands out for its significant performance improvements, delivering a remarkable 60 percent increase in speed compared to the previous M1 version. Apple confidently claims that the M3 chip surpasses even the fastest Intel-based MacBook Air by a factor of 13. Additionally, the upgraded Neural Engine enhances the laptop’s efficiency and speed, earning it the title of “the top consumer laptop for AI”.

Apple states that the MacBook Air is capable of providing up to 18 hours of battery life, and the notable updates include the ability to support dual external displays. The tech company, based in California, has incorporated an AV1 decode engine into the new MacBook Air, offering users improved video quality and efficiency for streaming services. The laptop also introduces advanced capabilities like Wi-Fi 6E support, as well as voice Isolation and Wide Spectrum microphone modes, ensuring clear voice quality during audio and video calls.

The 16-core Neural Engine in the M3 is designed to efficiently run specific AI models, allowing for macOS features like camera capabilities, real-time speech-to-text, translation, text predictions, and visual comprehension.


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