Meta Launches End-to-End Encryption Service For Messenger

On Wednesday, Meta announced its plan to transform Messenger, a popular global chat and voice messaging app, into a fully end-to-end encryption service. This decision is expected to reignite discussions surrounding privacy and security in communication. As part of a broader overhaul, Meta aims to make Messenger more comparable to other messaging platforms like Apple’s iMessage and its messaging service, Whatsapp.

End-to-end encryption is a security measure that ensures the privacy of texts, photos, videos, and phone calls by preventing unauthorized access to their content. This technology encodes messages in a way that only the sender and intended recipient can decipher them. According to Loredana Crisan, a vice president of Messenger, this additional layer of security safeguards the content of messages and calls between friends and family from the moment they leave the sender’s device until they reach the receiver’s device.

The significance of end-to-end encryption increased in 2013 when leaked data from Edward J. Snowden, a former National Security Agency contractor, suggested that intelligence and law enforcement agencies, including the NSA, were obtaining access to user communications through companies like Yahoo, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook without their consent or awareness.

In addition to implementing end-to-end encryption, Messenger has planned several new features. These include a notification to indicate when someone has opened and read your message, the option to send voice memos, the ability to make messages disappear after 24 hours, and the functionality to edit sent messages. With over 1.3 billion photos and videos being shared on the app daily, Messenger remains a popular platform for multimedia communication.


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