Microsoft confirms it’s working on a next-gen Xbox console – here’s what we know so far

The Xbox community has been in meltdown for the past few weeks after reports that Microsoft was bringing Xbox-exclusive games to the PS5 and Nintendo Switch fueled online speculation that the company was about to stop making the hardware as a console.

Although the rumor that Microsoft would be taking Xbox games out of exclusivity was true – right now, there are only four unnamed games – Xbox fans can breathe a sigh of relief because, no, Microsoft is not abandoning Xbox hardware.

In a special edition of the Official Xbox Podcast published on February 15, Microsoft’s gaming chief Phil Spencer, and Xbox president Sarah Bond revealed that the company was working on a new Xbox console. “Some exciting things are coming in hardware that we’re going to share,” Bond said.

Although this is likely to be the highly rumored disc-free Xbox series, our focus is on making the biggest technological leap you will ever see in a hardware generation,” said Bond.

In the past, Spencer also hinted at the development of an Xbox handheld device. So, what could the next generation of the Xbox Series be and when could it be launched? We’ve collected all the rumors below.

When might the next Xbox console launch?

Rumors about the next Xbox have been circulating for years. But the most confirmation we got from Sony came on February 15, when Bond said the company would share news about the new hardware “this holiday,” aka the end of the year.

This is unlikely to be a next-generation Xbox, but a mid-generation release. A disc-free Xbox Series

As far as the next-generation Xbox is concerned, is the company already working on it? The FTC documents also revealed a possible release date for the next-generation Xbox post-Series X, a hybrid cloud and client gaming platform.

According to The Verge, a presentation slide detailed Microsoft’s entire next-generation Xbox roadmap.

What might a disc-free Xbox console look like?

Disc-free Xbox Series One with WiFi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2 release date this year. Reportedly, it will also draw less power.

Other than that, it’s almost the same machine, just without a disk drive and with a new design.

What about the next-generation Xbox console?

Other than telling us that the next-generation Xbox will deliver “the biggest technological leap ever seen in a hardware generation,” little is known about the design or specifications of the next Xbox console.

Following the news that some Xbox games would lose their exclusivity, Spencer dropped more hints about the next-generation console when speaking to The Verge: “I’m very proud of the work the hardware team is doing, not only For this year but also in the future,” Spencer told the publication.

While Spencer has remained tight-lipped, the executive has been liking posts on X on the topic. In early February, Spencer liked a Windows Central post that suggested the Xbox handheld was inevitable. He also liked a post by The Verge’s Tom Warren saying that Microsoft needs to take steps to improve the handheld experience.

I’m a huge fan, but nothing to announce”, but he also suggested that Windows would be better suited to existing handheld gaming devices. can be made.

How much could the next Xbox cost?

Along with the general design and specifications of the next mid-generation Xbox (one code-named Brooklyn), the FTC document also revealed the price of the Xbox Series According to the document, Brooklyn will be priced at $499, which is the same price as the current Xbox Series This means it’s likely to cost £479.99 in the UK.

Although we have some hints at the roadmap for the next generation of Xbox, we haven’t seen any rumors or leaks about how much the next generation console will cost. We will keep updating this article as more leaks and rumors emerge.


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