NFL Chiefs Germany game: Next Big Season Game In Germany

On Thursday the NFL season of Week 9 the Pittsburgh Steelers victory over the Tennesse Titans. When across the league the actions continue through the weekend with a slate of great matchups. City Chiefs Germany game is expected to be a blockbuster in Germant to Super Bowl contenders Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles lining up against each other in arguably the pick of the day.

This weekend, The NFL’s International Series continues when the Miami Dolphins take on the Kansas City Chiefs in Frankfurt. Chiefs Germany Game, this season, the AFC heavyweight matchup is the fourth of five international games, the series concluding next week when the Indianapolis Colts face the New England Patriots. Chiefs Germany game, From last week’s, the Chiefs will look to move by on a disappointing 24-9 loss to the Indianapolis Colts. Star quarterback Patrick Mahomes entered the game with flu-like symptoms but he subsequently his worst game of the season. He did not throw a single touchdown pass, which was sacked three times, threw two interceptions, and lost a fumble.

On Friday, During the press conference, Mahomes said he is ready to play on Sunday. Chiefs Germany Game season, Miami will look to build on their stellar and improve their record to 7-2. Led by quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, the NFL is nearly every offensive category. Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel. He described the team as “joyfully deliberate,” citing his players’ enthusiasm and dedication to details as the main reasons for their recent success.

Sunday is the first of two in the next five weeks between the pair and during the regular season if they sweep the Eagles the Cowboys’ chances of being fast-tracked to the divisional round will increase significantly. As for the Eagles, after Sunday’s clash, their schedule only gets more challenging, facing the Chiefs, Bills, 49ers, and Cowboys again on the other side of their Week 10 bye.


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