Nikki Haley in the Republican Presidential Debate

Nikki Haley in the Republican Presidential Debate where she had the opportunity to express her opinions and ideas on various topics related to the presidential campaign.

During the debate, she shared her views on key issues such as the economy, foreign policy, immigration, and healthcare. She presented her plans and strategies for addressing these issues if she were to become the Republican nominee and eventually win the presidency.

Nikki Haley was a podium away from the center of the debate stage, which reflects her standing in the polls, but on Wednesday night she was squarely in the spotlight.

Nikki Haley mixed it with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy. Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina joined the trio. For the third time in a row, former President Donald Trump skipped the debate entirely — but remains the clear frontrunner in the race.

The South Carolinian and former United Nations ambassador under Trump has seen his polling numbers rise steadily since the debates began in August, rivaling or surpassing DeSantis in some polls as the No. 2 most popular GOP candidate, according to 538. Is done.

Other candidates sometimes followed him. Ramaswamy aimed at Nikki Haley over her past support for US military involvement overseas. However, the most heated exchange came during a segment on TikTok when Ramaswamy accused Haley’s daughter of using the app.

Nikki Haley responded, “Get my daughter away from your voice.” As Ramaswamy ignored his abuse, he said: “You are useless.”

He also defended Ramaswamy’s attack in which he compared her to former Vice President Dick Cheney “in three-inch heels.”

The second thing I would say is that I wear heels, they are not for fashion. These are statements, they are for ammunition,” he said to applause.

Nikki Haley and DeSantis aimed at each other over perceived weakness in China during their tenure as governors of their respective states.

They accused each other of opening their states to Chinese investment as Beijing emerged as its biggest foreign rival.

Nikki Haley said after the attack, “Yes, I brought a fiberglass company to South Carolina 10 years ago. But Ron, you are the chairman of your economic development agency, who last week said Florida is an ideal place for Chinese businesses “

“I terminated the agency that she’s talking about. We terminated it and of course, we banned the website from purchasing, banned from purchasing in Florida,” DeSantis responded.


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