Early 2024, Nintendo Switch 2 Going To Released With OLED Display

Nintendo Switch 2 will launch with an OLED display according to a new report from Chosun Biz. Nintendo has contacted Samsung to acquire OLED panels as recently as the start of this month. This would mirror the current Nintendo Switch which is available in three different forms: Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, and Nintendo Switch OLED.

We certainly hope that the Nintendo Switch 2 packs an OLED display or at least offers an OLED option at launch. While the standard Switch’s LCD provides perfectly acceptable images, the Switch OLED has spoiled us with more colorful and contrast-heavy gaming. Switching back to LCD after enjoying many of the best Nintendo Switch games on an OLED screen would be disappointing.

This is one report that we are hoping is accurate, but it is important to approach this information with a degree of skepticism. Chosun Biz claims Nintendo approached Samsung to supply OLED panels for various IT devices, so they could be intended for something other than Nintendo Switch 2.

There have been many unverified reports that the Nintendo Switch 2 will launch in 2024, and it does seem likely that the Switch 2 could arrive within the next 12 months. The current Switch will turn seven years old next year, which feels like an appropriate lifecycle span for the hybrid home console/ handheld. If the Nintendo Switch 2 is going to be released in early 2024, we might have expected some official news by now based on Nintendo’s previous announcement timeline.


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