Oppo Watch X was announced outside China with a late February release confirmed

Oppo has reported the Watch X, its following smartwatch, and its return to the Wear OS environment. Arriving afterward this month, the Oppo Watch X shows up to share most highlights with the up-and-coming OnePlus Observe 2. Whereas as it were one limited time the picture has authoritatively been discharged so distant, various promoting and hands-on pictures have as of now spilled online.

OnePlus will authoritatively show the Watch 2 in many days, it’s, to begin with, the Wear OS smartwatch. Presently its parent company Oppo has affirmed eagerly to do so the same, as the screenshot underneath appears.

Unpreventably, the Oppo Watch X looks just like the picture of the OnePlus Observe 2. As distant as we will tell, the combine depends upon indistinguishable plans, with no discernable contrasts between the combine to begin with review.

Appropriately, the Oppo Watch X features a level circular show and a metallic chassis that expands past the equipment buttons with which Oppo has decorated its right-hand side.

Hence, it seems that Oppo Watch X could serve some markets where Oppo includes a greater nearness than OnePlus and bad habit versa. Either way, Oppo will display the Oppo Watch X on February 29, which is additionally probably when it’ll lay full accessibility subtle elements. Meanwhile, different sources have shared limited time and hands-on pictures of Oppo’s latest Wear OS smartwatch.

While they don’t have any technical specifications about the Oppo Watch X, the hands-on photos reveal what the smartwatch will look like.


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