Sabrina Carpenter’s Third-Wheeled Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce’s Date Before Duet in Sydney

Taylor Swift brought out Sabrina Carpenter for an amazing two-way harmony at the end of her four-night Australia Times tour, leaving fans delighted on social media. But an actual lock-in video of Carpenter had gone viral earlier that day.

Detailing to outlet, Kelce traveled to Australia on a private flight to support his girlfriend, and Quick took him on a private trip to the zoo – which Speedy recently did And indeed that day passed recently.

Carpenter, who is currently rumored to be dating Saltburn star Barry Keoghan, is both Swift’s tour opener and a close friend of the singer; She has been inside the VIP suite with Practical to watch Kelce play soccer and has been seen hanging out with Fast, Sophie Turner and others on Swift’s team.

Although it’s clear that Kelsey wasn’t focused on getting her partner away from her, it’s still nice to see how the two cleverly subverted the standard pairing of being carefree and in love.

After @PopCrave reposted the video on Twitter (once again), social media clients immediately began reacting with crying emojis. “Sabrina is not driving 3rd,” one wrote. Some people created memes of Carpenter, Kelce, and Swift’s faces in a promotional picture notice spot for We Bought a Zoo in 2011.

Later that evening, after Swift’s show was canceled due to the dangerous climate and Carpenter’s opening set was canceled, Quick performed it for the audience with extraordinary enthusiasm.

Fast told Flock, per People, “My fantastically skilled, brilliant, mesmerizing, senseless, virtuoso opening act Sabrina Carpenter made what I thought was heroic appearances against Sydney.”

The two pop stars performed a mashup mix of two acoustic compositions of Swift’s tunes “White Horse” and “Coney Island”. Shortly after their recent joint performance, Quik revealed an unreleased collection of covers for their latest group. The 11th studio collection The Tormented Experts Division is coming to the Jumbotron.


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