Six people have died in a highway crash on Ohio Highway.

On 14 November 2023 morning, we got shocking news from Ohio that on Tuesday morning a charter bus carrying students from a high school was rear-ended by a semi-truck on an Ohio highway because of the deadly accident 6 people were dead, and 15 other people were injured and the news was conforming to an emergency official.

Emergency Management Agency Director Sean Grady said that a fatal accident occurred involving five vehicles, which resulted in a total of 57 people being onboard at the time of the accident. The details of the accident are still under investigation, but it is known that it was a catastrophic incident with tragic consequences. The authorities are working diligently to provide assistance to those affected by the accident and to determine what caused the collision.

According to a statement given by Ohio State Highway Patrol Lt. Nathan Dennis, a fatal crash had occurred resulting in multiple casualties. The Lt. Nathan Dennis has confirmed that there were fatalities, although he declined to provide an exact number. He also said that a total of 18 individuals were taken from the bus involved in the accident. Further details are yet to be released but he also said that the total death rate is not confirmed yet.


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