Snowfall Weather: UK Temperature Is Around -2C to -5C On Tuesday Night

‘Snowfall Weather’ Tuesday night will bring frost to much of the country. The temperature is around -2C to -5C, possibly it was as low as -8C it was across parts of the north of England and rural Scotland. Snowfall Weather, Last week, was observed in the higher regions of Scotland and northern England, which is a common occurrence during late November. This week, there is a possibility of snowfall in parts of South-eastern England, including Hampshire. The week will begin with cloudy and damp weather, but it will gradually transition to sunnier spells. However, the weather is expected to turn unsettled later in the week.

The BBC Snowfall Weather presenter and meteorologist Simon King said It’s going to be a cold week with temperatures only around 2 to 7 degrees Celsius which is below the average for the time of year. With the cold north-easterly wind, snow showers will come into the northern and eastern areas of the UK and this will mostly be over high ground. There is a chance of snowfall at low levels for a period of time.

Snowfall Weather forecasting in December for the UK is challenging due to the battle between tropical and Arctic air. We still have the battle of the air masses, how much rain turns into sleet or snow is always a difficult Snowfall Weather Forecast to make. Some areas in Central Scotland experienced frost on Monday morning due to the cold overnight temperatures that dropped to -6.4C in Tyndrum village. Showers and hill snow may still impact some parts of Scotland and north-east England, where it will also be windy.


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