UFC 295: Stipe Miocic Vs Jon Jones Fight Tickets

Jon Jones is a highly anticipated heavyweight title, he had to fight against the Stipe Miocic. The UFC CEO Dana White announced on Tuesday on social media. The Stipe Miocic vs Jon Jones main event of UFC is on the 11 of November, in New York. Jones was supposed to defend the UFC heavyweight against Miocic. White said to Jones on Monday night that, tore a pectoral tendon off the bone in training. So he will need surgery which he will keep out around eight months.

Stipe Miocic vs Jon Jones, the Stipe Miocic tickets are in lowest priced tickets starting at 493.00 dollar. But the fans who want to be up to the fighters in the Octagon will find the ringside seats at a much higher cost 22191.00 dollars.

Stipe Miocic vs Jon Jones, The Vacant light heavyweight title fight between the former champ JiYi Prochaza and the former middleweight titleholder Alex Pereira will now headline the card at Madison Square Garden. The new Fight for the co-main event: Tom Aspinall Vs Sergei Pavlovich for the interim heavyweight title.

Jones was the best light Heavyweight by winning 14 title fights there is a record. And he was an unbeaten streak in the 18 matches of the best UFC. He was suspended for a year in 2016 because he failed the drug test. In 2017 his victory over Daniel Cormier turned into a no-contest after another drug test came up positive.

Now the Miocic will no longer compete on the card he lost the of the high profile fight against Jones. Jones is the best Fighter in MMA history to fight against Miocic. He is the most successful heavyweight ever in the UFC. The is still Stipe Miocic vs Jon Jones, there for a big card in 2024.


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