Ohio Issue 1 Says The Amendment To Protect Women From Ohio Abortion

On Tuesday Ohio voted to enshrine abortion rights in the constitution. It is making a major victory for pro-choice campaigners in the state. In the conservative-leaning state, early returns showed almost 58% of voters had backed it. Ahead of elections in 2024, the Democrats hope that abortion rights remain a winning issue. To protect abortion rights It also extends an unbeaten record for ballot measures designed. Last year, Ohio abortion, the nationwide right to the procedure was rescinded by the Supreme Court. Until 22 weeks of pregnancy in Ohio Abortion is currently legal. The campaign against the measure, however, argued that it would allow late-term abortions that are currently illegal.

On Tuesday night, As US media Ohio abortion there were emotional celebrations from pro-choice supporters and the constitutional amendment would pass. One of the leading groups that opposed the amendment to Protect Women in Ohio abortion. It has reportedly raised almost 10 million Dollars since September. The amendment will change the state’s constitution and include the protections for abortion access. It will establish “an individual right to one’s reproductive medical treatment”. It includes abortion, contraception, and miscarriage care.

For Ohio abortion, the point of viability except the amendment does not allow the state to bar abortion. The patient’s doctor determines the procedure is needed to protect life or health. But supporters of issue 1 argued that any abortions later in pregnancy would require sign-off from a medical professional attesting to serious health concerns.

On Tuesday Two other elections, one in Kentucky and the other in Virginia. It will also impact abortion access in the months ahead.


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