How To Delete Game Pigeon

‘How to Delete Game Pigeon’ Game Pigeon is a messaging app that offers a variety of entertaining games for you to play with others. It was launched in September 2016 and features popular games such as 8-Ball, Poker, Sea Battle, Anagrams, and Gomoku. With Game Pigeon, you can play games with your friends directly through the iPhone’s messaging app. Additionally, it provides a selection of 23 interactive games including mini golf, basketball, word hunt, chess, and more. But Most People want to delete the Game Pigeon. Most of the people avoid their children to play because they are not focusing on their studies. The iPhone and iPad users do not Know How To Delete Game Pigeon.

How To Delete Game Pigeon (Guide)

Installing or Downloading Game Pigeon is pretty easy. This game is downloaded only on iPhone and iPad but you might find it hard to How To Delete Game Pigeon. No need to worry, I have provided a straightforward and easy-to-follow procedure. Follow the steps below to learn how to delete Game Pigeon.

Step -1: First you have to open iMessage on your iPhone device.

Step -2: Then you have to Click on the iMessage conversation.

Step -3: You have to Manage the app drawer under more options in the right bottom corner.

Step -4: Next, scroll down and locate the Game Pigeon app that you wish to uninstall or delete from your device.

Step -5: After that, You have to Slide right to left to find the delete button.

Step -6: Now, select the “Delete” option.

After deleting the game, if you see your information you can erase your game data from iCloud since it’s all backed up in your iCloud. You have to follow some steps.

Step -1: First, you have to Go to settings.

Step -2: Then scroll down and look out for iCloud.

Step -3: Click on the iCloud option and go to Storage on the iCloud page.

Step -4: Click on the Manage storage option.

Step -5: Click on the Game Pigeon option.

Step -6: Now, Click on Edit and select the Delete All option.

How Can You Hide Game Pigeon From Messages?

You Know How to Delete Game Pigeon but if you want to hide Game Pigeon from Messages. The first step you have to take when you decide you want to delete Game Pigeon from your iPhone or iPad’s Messages app is to remove it from your favorites.

To do this, place your finger on the horizontal app drawer and swipe to the left. Then, tap on Game Pigeon. After that, swipe left to remove the game from your favorites.

Hiding Game Pigeon from your favorites does not mean that it is deleted. Instead, you would not have to see it anymore, which means you do not have to worry about getting distracted and tempted to play games on it. When you are supposed to be doing something more constructive.

Alternatively, you can utilize the “Edit” button located at the top right of your iPhone or iPad screen. With this method, instead of swiping, you will need to toggle the desired action. You can hide the Game Pigeon app but you have to recover it at any point in the future if you do not want to part with it completely.

How Do You Delete Game Pigeon from Messages?

If your goal is to ‘How to Delete Game Pigeon’ now it is completely done, so you should access the Messages app. You have to select a contact or tap on “New Message”. Afterward, swipe left on the horizontal app drawer to drag it completely to the left. You can also follow the steps for hiding the app from your favorites.

After there, you will want to tap on the More option. Then Swipe left on Game Pigeon from the More Apps option to delete it from your Message app.

Another way you can delete Game Pigeon from Messages on your iPhone or iPad. It is to go into the Message app to have a conversation. You have to go down to the row of apps below and then press on the More button, which is the one with the three dots on it. You can then click on Edit. In the “More Apps” section, locate Game Pigeon and toggle it off by pressing the button on the right. Alternatively, you can swipe left and select the “Delete” option.

Other Tips to Keep In Mind

‘How to Delete Game Pigeon’ You can only use Game Pigeon on an iPhone or iPad that’s at least iOS 10 or later. If you have an older iPod touch that does not get at least iOS 10, you would not be able to download the app. Game Pigeon is not compatible with older iPhone or iPad models that do not support iOS versions beyond iOS 9.

Removing Game Pigeon from your iPhone or iPad’s Messages app is a simple process that can be completed in just a few steps. There are multiple approaches you can take to delete the app.

Last Word

In this, you have learned about ‘How to Delete Game Pigeon’. The Game Pigeon allows you and your friends to play games over the iPhone’s messaging app. Most People want to delete the Game Pigeon. After all, they avoid their children playing because they are not focusing on their studies at exam time. So you can follow the steps of deleting Game Pigeon. The process is straightforward and can be completed with just a few simple steps. And you can hide the messages, or you can delete the Game Pigeon from messages, all the different methods are given here. You have got the Knowledge of ‘How to Delete Game Pigeon’. And you also know about the different methods.


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