The Nintendo Switch 2 Console Will be Delayed Until March 2025 Because Nintendo Stock Drops 5%

On Tuesday, Nintendo’s ADR shares fell by 5% following a report that its upcoming console will be postponed until next year. According to Bloomberg, Nintendo has informed game publishers that the release of the Nintendo Switch 2 console may be pushed back to at least March 2025, as reported by sources familiar with the situation.

Earlier reports indicated that the highly anticipated successor to the Nintendo Switch was expected to be released in 2024, just in time for the holiday season. However, if the launch is delayed until 2025, it would mean missing out on the important holiday sales period and would increase the pressure on Nintendo to maintain sales for its seven-year-old Switch console.

The Nintendo Switch made its debut in 2017 and has achieved close to 140 million in sales, securing its position as the third highest-selling video game console in history, following behind the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo DS. Nintendo has heavily depended on successful game releases to boost the sales of its console, such as popular titles from the Mario and Zelda series. Additionally, the release of the Super Mario Bros. Movie last year also contributed to increasing consumer enthusiasm for the company’s products.

As the Nintendo Switch enters its eighth year, it becomes increasingly challenging to expand hardware sales volume. Nonetheless, hardware operations maintained a strong performance during the year-end sales season, partly attributed to the addition of new users and the anticipation of numerous new game titles set for release in 2024.

Despite the sell-off on Tuesday, Nintendo’s stock continues to trade close to its highest levels in several years, reaching prices not seen since the end of 2020.


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