US Weather Changes The Election Day November 7th Falls on Tuesday

On 5th November, Dubliner Washington, marking exactly one year until Election Day 2024. On the “Sunday Morning” invited longtime journalist James Fallows and the Washington Post Congressional reporter Marianna Sotomayor for Coffee. Election Day November, Election Day falls on 7th November, Tuesday, this year. There are solid reasons why Election Day Follows an unusual calendar process. That is partly related to the Weather. In most modern date schedules the date itself may not align conveniently. The date wasn’t just picked randomly. When Congress agreed to make one national election day in 1845, they selected the date centering it around the lifestyles of farmers at the time. They considered when the growing season ended.

From the Daylight Savings time, much of the decision to select a date for Election Day November was geared toward the farmers. Many 19th-century farmers usually spent Sundays as a day of rest and worship. After the harvesting season, they would spend Wednesday to Saturday working in the marketplace.

On Election Day November, Mondays and Tuesdays were the only two days farmers were available to vote. It is far from there they travel by foot or animal. Farmers used Monday for travel and left on Tuesday the designated Election Day. Election Day November, Falls on the First Tuesday of November, but not always the first Tuesday of the month. Rather it falls on the first Monday of November. Election Day Typically falls between Nov.2 and Nov 8.


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