The Winter Is Approaching The “Fall Back Time Change”

In the US on Sunday, November 5 at 2 a.m. The clock for Americans the time will go back an hour so people can sleep extra hours. The Marking the end of daylight saving time for 2023. Now the Fall Back time changed, the US is ready for the yearly tradition of reversing the clocks because winter is coming soon. Britain will now officially abandon British Summer Time (BST) and the Greenwich Mean Time will be returned. The Fall Back time change now reminds us that the winter is approaching, and the time change allows us to sleep an extra hour.

Winter Is Coming!

There is the beginning of shorter days and earlier sunsets, at that time the sun is sunset before the usual evening hours. The daylight hours will become precious and the cosy evenings will be spent with burning fires. The Fall Back time change gives the tangible signal that winter is coming and it brings with lot of joy to the holiday season and the beauty of a frosty landscape. Scientists have argued that ending this clock-turning tradition could bring about numerous benefits. The Professor Aoife Foley from the Queen’s University. He said that by Fall back time change saves substantial energy. Dr. Foley is a specialist in clean energy research, he calculated from households that we save our electricity. The 400 dollars is annually on their electricity bills.


Who is the Father of the Clock?

Thomas Tompion is the Father of the clock. He was an English watchmaker, mechanic, and clockmaker. He was born in Bedfordshire, England. The people are fondly called the “Father of English Clockmaking”.

How Old are Clocks?

The World’s First mechanical clocks are called Tower Clocks. It was built in the spanning northern Italy to southern Germany. It was around from 1270 to 1300 during the Renaissance Period.


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