Valentine’s Day Protest: Uber And Lyft Drivers Plan To Protest On Wednesday

You might face difficulties in finding a ride to get back home after your Valentine’s Day Dinner. This is because some Uber and Lyft drivers across the country plan to protest by not driving on Wednesday. They are protesting against the decreasing pay they have been receiving, as well as concerns related to driver safety and deactivations.

Drivers in about 20 cities, including San Francisco, Dallas, Chicago, Boston, Phoenix, Atlanta, Toronto, and Vancouver, British Columbia, planned to protest by not working for the entire day on Wednesday, according to Organizers Business Insider.

Organizers have noticed that there is typically high demand for riders on Valentine’s Day. Because of this, many drivers have gravitated towards working on the holiday. It’s difficult to estimate how many drivers will take part in the action, but in Los Angeles, the driver-advocacy group Rideshare Drivers United is organizing a gathering outside Uber’s Greenlight Hub. The group has over 20,000 members across California and last Friday, they conducted a two-hour phone bank to spread the word about the Valentine’s Day Protest.

Frustrated Drivers have Begun To take action On Valentine’s Day

Protests have centered on drivers’ complaints of declining pay. Drivers have used various tactics to make their absence felt, such as gathering around busy airports and choosing days of major events like Taylor Swift concerts.

In recent months, many Uber and Lyft drivers have reported that ride-hailing has become less profitable than it used to be. They attribute their reduced pay to the rollout of “up-front fares” programs and high driver supply.


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