Violent clashes break out in Dublin after knife attack

On a recent evening, the streets of Dublin were engulfed in violent clashes following a knife attack. Details are still emerging, but witnesses report that the incident occurred in a busy area of the city and involved multiple people. The dispute soon escalated into a full-blown fight, with weapons including knives and other sharp objects being used by those involved. Police were called to the scene and attempts were made to restore order, but tension remained throughout the night. This incident is a reminder of the need for ongoing efforts to promote safety and reduce violence in urban areas.

Violent clashes broke out in central Dublin on Thursday evening, with vehicles set on fire and riot police attacked, after a knife attack earlier in the day left a 5-year-old girl seriously injured, a woman, and two other people injured. Have become. Small children were also admitted to the hospital. Immediately after that announcement, at least 100 people took to the streets, some of whom were armed with metal rods and covering their faces.

Police said more than 400 officers, including many in riot gear, were deployed to Dublin city center to control the disturbance, which they said was “caused by a small group of thugs.

There were clashes with riot police as some protesters set off fireworks and fireworks, while others grabbed chairs and stools outside bars and restaurants.

Shop windows were regularly broken, and Foot Locker stores were looted. All public transport in the city – trams and buses – was suspended and many companies have urged their employees to work from home on Friday.

We have an insane punk group inspired by far-right ideology, and then this disruptive trend is engaged in serious violence, said Drew Harris, Ireland’s top police officer.

Police and politicians called for calm and warned against misinformation on the attack earlier in the day.

At a press conference in the evening, Harris was asked about a possible terrorist link and did not rule it out.

This appeared to be a slight change in stance from earlier when Superintendent Liam Geraghty said police were keeping an open mind about the investigation but were satisfied there was no terrorist connection.

A 30-year-old woman was also seriously injured in a knife attack just after 1.30 pm. The boy was discharged from the hospital.


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