State Volleyball Day at Nebraska 2023 Nebraska vs Penn State volleyball

Volleyball Day at Nebraska was held on Wednesday, August 30, 2023, at Memorial Stadium. In Nebraska, the University of Omaha’s volleyball team played against the University of Lincoln’s volleyball team and Lincoln’s volleyball team won the match. The match set a world record for attendance at a women’s sporting event with 92,003 fans.

The event was billed as Volleyball Day at Nebraska and the assumption was a response to Wisconsin breaking the NCAA volleyball attendance record the previous year with 16,833 fans. The only space on Nebraska’s campus capable of holding more people than that is the football stadium.

The Husker Volleyball Day at Nebraska program has sold out 316 consecutive matches in the regular season, an NCAA women’s record.

As per the documents Nebraska generated more than $2.7 million in revenue and spent nearly $1.8 million overall. In comparison, three other participants received an additional $150K and an additional $25,000 for campus alcohol education.

Chief Financial Officer Doug Ewald said Volleyball Day at Nebraska estimated that net income from the event was close to $850,000.

Ewald said actual revenue was “right” in line with what he expected, knowing that it is hard to reach high-profit margins when tickets are $25.

As far as revenue is concerned, the other big line item was concessions revenue, which cost $667,752.

The Athletic department noted that the worth of $175,000 of merchandise was sold during the event and that $250,000 was brought in afterward with the sale of commemorative plaques.

Additionally, “outside food vendors” – meaning Chick-fil-A in this example – brought in $11,064. According to one graphic, this corresponds to sales of more than 9,000 chicken sandwiches.

However, organizing such an event is expensive, and it shows in the expense reports.

Volleyball Day at Nebraska spent $1,337,275 on the infrastructure for the event – including the field covering, court stage, concert stage, and the labor costs associated with putting them together and taking them down.

Other large expenses were the cost of goods and services for relaxation, which totaled $266,774, and credit card charges for tickets and concessions, which collectively totaled less than $80,000.

There were also two large distributions: $50,000 that went to the athletic departments of Omaha, UNK, and Wayne State; and $25,000 that was earmarked for alcohol education on campus because alcohol was sold at the event when it is not typically available for football games at Memorial Stadium.

In boosting the local economy, the university and its partners estimate an economic impact of approximately $10 million. Using the same formula, the economic impact of an average home Nebraska football game at Memorial Stadium is $12.2 million.

What goes into that figure?

Think about anything associated with fans attending games at any location: hotel rooms, restaurants, bars, ticket sales, concessions, foot traffic, etc.

It will take some time for financial information from this event to appear on NCAA forms.

Since the match took place on August 30, 2023, the unique increase in Nebraska Volleyball’s revenue will be reflected in the fiscal year 2024 report, not 2023.

However, even before Volleyball Day was conceived, Volleyball Day at Nebraska was doing just fine for itself financially.


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